4 Email Marketing SolutionsThat Will Work For Your Small Business

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Content marketing may be the king of the business promotion strategies but email is still right up there as an impressive alternative and it isn’t going away anytime soon. The strategies may have progressed over the last decade, but the main methodology remains fairly similar. But if your social media marketing is faltering or perhaps your Adwords has seen better days, why not consider coming back to email marketing? You know it makes good sense and here are 4 new ways to make those all-important contacts worth their weight in gold.


Although cost shouldn’t be a factor when choosing a marketing strategy that works, small businesses always have to keep an eye on the finances. So this is one of the first things you’ll notice about CakeMail, it is absolutely free! It’s not exactly sophisticated but lots of the best methods are usually fairly straightforward. This web-based package allows users to create mailing lists from current details and track these as they transform into campaigns. There are a bunch of useful templates to choose from and you can even design your own set if that makes more sense. CakeMail will allow you to measure analytics and the reports features are also very capable of dealing with a small to medium business campaign. This is also available on Android and iOS Smartphones.


Mad Mimi

If you really want your emails to stand out from the crowd, perhaps Mad Mimi is more your style? Instead of bog standard templates, this cool package allows you to create and tweak your own themes. You don’t need to be a developer to knock up some very slick efforts and they rock in every email environment. There is also a social network to help you swap ideas with and you can even make some worthwhile contacts. You will pay $10 a month for the privilege but this gives you unlimited emails and a pretty good support system to boot.


This development has been wowing email marketing fans since 1998 and the whole package has never looked so good. There are over 600 click email templates to choose from and it just gives you so many possibilities. The AWeber support system is top notch and for $19 per month this really is a steal. The service itself is all about newsletters and email marketing and you can even turn your RSS feeds into a form of email newsletter if you like.



Many marketing experts are already falling in love with this hairy email package and it is not hard to see why. If you are trying to reach dishwasher repair toronto firms via your campaign, this is the one that you want. You get subscriber profiles, revenue reports, and a bunch of post email analytics that track pretty much everything your email does once it is en route to your targets. You can get a free version of MailChimp and it is good for 2,000 emails and a whopping 12,000 subscribers monthly.

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If you like what you are reading, do a little more research and you could be looking at a very decent 2014 thanks to email marketing solutions.

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