4 Office Recycling Tips for Better Waste Management

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It is increasingly important for business large and small to look at ways they can recycle and reuse in order to reduce waste. Even the smallest businesses can help the environment by improving their recycling schemes and minimising the amount of waste they send to landfill. If you work in an office or own an office-based business, take a look at these tips for recycling more efficiently and effectively.

Waste Management

  1. Look at Your Paper

If you look at where most of your office waste comes from, you’ll see that paper is the main culprit. Even in today’s so-called “paperless” environments you will still see sometimes excessive amounts of paper being disposed of. If you want to make your recycling program more effective, concentrate on how you can deal with paper waste. The main step you need to take is to reduce paper use in the first place. Set up all your printers on double-side mode and do not permit employees to change it. Educate employees as to when to print items – most printed papers are never actually used, and will end up being thrown away. Think about whether you need to print in the first place. Make sure you have good online document management strategies so people do not need a hard copy of documents. Once you have reduced the amount of paper you use, your paper recycling demands will be much less.

  1. Reduce and Reuse

As well as reducing your paper use, there are other ways you can reduce the amount of resources you consume, which will limit the amount of waste you generate according to swrjustbins.co.uk, a waste management company. Look at the things you regularly throw away such as print cartridges, cardboard, furniture etc. and see where you can reduce your use of these items, or reuse them without having to throw them out.

Waste Management

  1. Set Up a Comprehensive Recycling Scheme

According to swrjustbins.co.uk, once you have audited your resource use and cut down on waste you can explore how to effectively recycle using a waste management program that include efficient recycling within the overall service. Consult with waste management companies to find out what you can regularly recycle under such a scheme, and look into specialist services for recycling items like IT equipment and batteries.

  1. Set Up Efficient Bins

Make it easy for everyone in the company to follow the recycling policy by setting up recycling bins and boxes in the places where they are most needed. Make sure they are clearly labelled and that the recycling policy has already been explained in advance to your employees. Take away people’s personal bins so they must make the effort to separate waste and recycle where possible.