5 Magic Tricks Of The 21st Century Online Salesman Who Makes Big Bucks

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The biggest mistake people make today is thinking they are an internet marketer. No, you’re not an internet marketer. You are a business owner. That means you make money from your website. Internet marketing is what you do to get traffic. Search engine optimization is something that always pops up during the first few months a person is starting out. They hear about all these magical stories about getting first-page listings and riding off into the sunset on a white horse. Some people even become experts at SEO and get the rankings they were hoping for, but guess what happens next?

They have thousands of people coming to their site every month, but they make no money. Absolute zilch, or maybe a few dollars on adsense. You’ve wasted all that time learning about SEO and you’ve forgotten about learning how to sell things like a business does. Search engine optimization is a very important weapon at your disposal, but please stop thinking you’re only a marketer. You also have to be a salesman and you have to sell things. That’s when you’ll start making the big bucks instead of being a pretender, so start following these principles.

Online Salesman

People have to stick around

Everyone won’t want to buy something at the first time of asking. You need to realize the important thing is getting them back onto your site. That means you need to provide them with great information. That doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post, video, or your sales page. When they find information they think is useful they will become back and have another look at it and this time they might get their wallet out. If you try and build a business on first time visitors it’s going to be hard.

Show them your products

When you want to show someone what you have available you need to do one of two things. Have the product right in their face, or make your navigation so good that they’ll be able to find the products within one or two clicks. Anymore than that and the only place they’ll be clicking is the backwards arrow. You shouldn’t be scared to do this, because you’re a business and they sell things. Don’t forget that.


People to people

Everyone likes to talk about business to business, or maybe business to customer. There’s a new one floating around at the moment and it’s person to person. People buy from people and that means building up good relationships with your visitors so they like you as a person. When someone likes you it’s much more likely they will buy something from you. Perhaps they will buy nearly everything you produce.

Be professional

When you’re trying to sell something it helps when you act professional. That means possibly hiring a designer that knows what they are doing. There’s nothing worse than trying to a sell an amazing product with disgusting packaging. You wouldn’t want to pick it off the shelf. The online equivalent of this is having a horrible sales page, but instead of not picking your product up they will just walk away.


Appeal to someone

How many times have you read a sales page and it’s compelled you to take out your credit card and buy the product? This is what you should be aiming for, so that means you need to get into someone’s head. When you write your copy it’s important to have an ideal person in mind and speak to them. If your copy is too generic it will appeal to everyone, but it won’t blow anyone’s mind. That means you won’t make nearly as much sales.

Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.