A Mix Of 5 Cool Business Ideas For You This Year

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‘New Year, new beginning’ that is what most people say, however, by the end of January, we never seem to remember the promises we made to ourselves. For people who fall in this bracket, here are four ideas that are trending in the business setting:

  • Real estate business

If you are outgoing, social, love to network and discover new places; you will be good at this. Even with the recent recession, people are still buying and selling houses. In this field of work, one needs to familiarize him or herself with people from various areas with potential customers. Today, most civil servants have acquired a mortgage and this makes it even easier for real estate agents. They make large commissions and you never know, with a source of income and the experience, one could acquire them as well.

  • Blogging

I know one would ask where the money comes from in this. Bloggers with a large audience get paid to advertise for various companies and their products on their sites. This way, one gets to do what they love (blogging) and still get some bills paid on side.

  • Beauty services

Today, more attention is given to beauty and beauty products. This includes body massages, hairdressing, facial scrubs, a manicure, a pedicure etc. The clientele has also expanded, now that men have been introduced to these services. This is a case of taking an open opportunity. With the right equipment and networking, this could be a successful business. Another key requirement in this industry is excellent customer service, which in return brings more clients and one could use it to advertise for free.

  • Managing social media sites

This is the new job in town. One manages a company’s social media page by ensuring that it is active, and this helps businesses to have some presence in the social environment. With everyone being digital and with the availability of information and internet services, it becomes easier to keep track of how consumers relate with their various products (feedbacks).

  • Cafés with Internet services

Unlike the earlier years, nowadays everyone has a mobile phone (with Internet), computers at home, laptops or even better, iPads. With these already available, one could put up a Café with services such as online researching, printers or even social chats. This adds the value of the place and people find it more comfortable and feel at home while taking their cup of café latte or cappuccino.