Benefits of Using a Digital Receptionist in the Office

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Benefits of Using a Digital Receptionist in the Office

In recent years, different tools have been introduced to be able to improve analytics within an organization. Innovative technologies made it possible to make sense of the huge amount of data that is available. Among others, a visitor registration software like is one of the best examples of a software that made it possible to carry out analytics in an office. That being said, keep on reading and we will explore some of the benefits of using a digital receptionist.

The Obvious Benefits

The most obvious benefit of using a digital receptionist or visitor registration software is that it streamlines the process of receiving guests in an office. With products like Greetly, visitors can register in a tablet and it is also the one that will issue the visitor badges. There is no more need for a human receptionist. The software can take photos and obtain the signatures of the guests. It also automatically sends a notification to the contact person that someone is in the lobby.

More so, the use of a digital receptionist will also improve office security. It can deter any criminal intent knowing that photos will be captured prior to entering the office.

Because the software replaces the function of an actual employee, it is also one of the best ways to reduce the costs of operations without sacrificing the visitor experience.

With a digital receptionist, it will also be easier to create a positive reputation and to impress other people. It shows how tech-savvy the organization is for executing such a technology in the workplace.

The Subtle Benefits

Now, let us go to the not so salient benefits of using a digital receptionist. This benefit could be summed up as providing a channel for data analytics. Logging in through a digital receptionist provides the organization with relevant data, such as the name of the guest, contact person of the guest, time of visit, and the purpose of the visit. In turn, this information can be easily analyzed.

With a digital receptionist, it is possible to carry out analysis of workplace statistics related to visitors. For instance, information obtained can be used to determine who amongst the employees receive the most guests. Plus, the information can also be used to determine the most common reasons why guests visit the office. It can also identify the peak times of the visits. There is no more need for paper logs as this data can be automatically analyzed by the system. Without a digital receptionist, one has to manually go through the logbook to analyze the data that is available.

Indeed, a digital receptionist can be beneficial in more ways than one, providing organizations with enough reason to be convinced that it is a worthy investment. It will provide visitors a better experience since the check-in process is going to be quick. It also helps to cut down costs as against to having a human receptionist. And, best of all, it is an innovative tool that can be used for data analytics.