Business Facility Organization: How to Reduce Energy Costs

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Facility managers know that budgets for buildings will stay tight as commercial real estate may face economic strains. But there are some tips that facility owners can consider to reduce costs in their facility organization.

Reduce Night Lighting

If you own a facility that has a reasonable size and is occupied 24 hours a day all throughout the year, you can consider some ideas to enjoy real savings to cut operation expenses. Depending on how your lighting is circuited and operated, an economize mode can be created for overnight as the site does not have too many people during this time. Perimeter lighting should be kept on around the property and al main drives and entrances.

Night office Lighting

Depending on circuiting and the way your site is wired, you are likely to have the ability to turn some areas off completely. This can be possible if your high occupancy has rolling shifts. However, consider areas which could taken off the controllers and made into different zones.

Involve Everyone to Cut down Energy Costs

You can team up with security officers, custodians, maintenance personnel and staff members to keep power usage and waste and down and lights off. You can move your custodians to evening shift and let them clean rooms in a sequence finishing a room, turning all equipment off and moving to the next area. As security personnel watch the entire building, they will ensure that all equipment if switched off after staff leaves.

office Energy Costs

Turn Vending Machine Lights Off

The light bulbs should be removed from the vending machines. Every machine that has lighting removed should be posted with a notice about the removal to minimize electric energy consumption. This initiative is essential to facility operations and makes sure that the facility does not pay for a fraction of the electricity given to a vending service for the operation of the privately-owned equipment.

Carry Out Process to Minimize Energy Use

If the facility has a commercial kitchen, then it may be your most-intensive operation. Indeed, it may be using more energy than other areas. To cut kitchen energy use, consider the ideas below.

Minimize Energy Use

  • Observe- Check how the refrigeration, ovens and other equipment are being operated by staff. Know if they are turning them on in the morning. Are they leaving the equipment on following each meal period? Are the walk-in doors and refrigerators always open?
  • Plan- You need to carry out a review of the use of the kitchen and the busy times with the manager or chef. Work on a plan and execute procedures associated with the use of kitchen equipment.

procedures associated

  • Maintain- Kitchen equipment is properly maintained is more energy efficient. You can prefer to set up a PM program for the kitchen to guarantee optimal performance of all equipment. Get feedback from employees every day.
  • Measure– If your kitchen does not have sub meters, check the manufacturer’s specification on every piece and calculate the effect of 2-3 hours less run time. Keep in mind that turning off a mid-sized fryer that draws 100,000 Btus three hours every day could result in $1, 450 savings per year.

kitchen energy sub meters

  • Follow-up and Communicate– You can let your kitchen people see their results of the energy cost reduction initiatives. Then review the plan every few months to adjust it to the changes in your business.

Energy costs are also influenced by your choice of energy provider. To ensure you are in good hands, work with