How to Design an Online Survey to Avoid Over-Surveying Customers

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The last thing a business wants to do is annoy their customers. Annoyed customers may stop doing business with your company over little things like being surveyed too much. Most customers constantly get requests for their feedback whether it is through social media, emails, over the telephone or an online survey. Here are some strategies to avoid over-surveying your customers.

Design Online Survey

Set Survey Goals

The first step in designing a successful survey is to set goals for your survey. Goal setting is the best way to measure the success of your survey and by achieving the goals that you’ve set, you can get accurate results from your target customers. Setting goals is important for designing the survey and getting through the survey process.

Set Survey Goals

Set Objectives for Surveys

You need to figure out what you want to know from your customers and use that information to set objectives. When you set them, keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish and your goals, and then use your objectives to set up expectations for your customers. If they know what to expect from the survey results and you then follow through with the expectations that will help increase customer satisfaction for your company.

Set Objectives for Surveys

Be Clear with Intentions

When introducing your online survey, be clear with what the survey is trying to accomplish. Keep the invitation or introduction of your survey short, but be direct in what the intentions are for the survey. The introduction can either encourage your customers to take the survey or make them decide not to take the survey, and it will only take them a moment or two to make that decision. That’s why the introduction to the survey needs to be short and direct.

introducing online survey

Don’t Waste Time

You will leave a good impression with your customers if you are respectful of their time. That doesn’t necessarily mean your online survey will be short, but it shouldn’t ask questions to which you should already know the answers. An online survey should automatically track customer information so questions are not redundant. Customers want to feel valued and asking simple questions can make them feel as if they are not important to your company.

Carefully Word Questions

To get accurate information, you need to make sure the questions for the survey are carefully worded. The answers can vary by how you phrase the questions. There is a chance you can create bias with the wrong phrasing. Try to avoid questions that seem to be leading or which insinuates the “correct” response. In addition, avoid wording that is too technical or that uses industry jargon, don’t use incomplete sentences or be too wordy with questions, and ask only one question at a time to avoid confusion.

By using these suggestions, you can avoid over-surveying your customers and get the feedback your business needs to help improve its services. With the right questions, you can show your customers that you care about their opinions and you can implement changes based on customer feedback to make your business more successful.