How to Organize a Fun Day For the Office

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Every year my company has a “bonding day”. Our manager thinks this is invaluable to office moral, and in truth it has brought us closer together. However, he insists somebody different organizes it every year, and this time my name came out of the hat. Previously the firm has gone to the beach, theme parks, and the even the circus, but I wanted something that would be more active and fun. My friend suggested a company that supplied bouncy castles, and promised I would be surprised by what was available. I took her advice and was amazed by what I could hire. Here are the 4 activities I chose to give my co-workers a fun day.

Organize a Fun Day For the Office

Obstacle Course

For the fitter office staff, I decided an inflatable obstacle course would be a great way for them to blow off some steam, but have fun and entertain spectators too. We organised men and women teams, and had a prize for the best team and the beast time.  Everybody who tried the course loved it, and many of my co-workers spent hours trying to improve their times. Even the children who came could have a try because it was safe for all ages.

Water Slide

As I knew the day would be hot, I told everyone to bring their swimwear as they may get wet. The slide I hired was 4 lanes wide, 20 foot tall and had a pool at the bottom; it was a great combination for keeping cool while having fun. My younger colleagues loved the slide part, while the older staff enjoyed relaxing in the pool area; even though the sliders were plummeting down among them. The water slide was the perfect way to cool down during the hot afternoon, while still keeping the fun going, and also a great way to build an appetite for the buffet I had organised.

Water Slide

Rodeo Bull

I was surprised to see the rodeo bull at the hire firm’s premises, but once I saw it I knew it had to be included in my package. To keep this as safe as possible I hired the attendant that came with the bull, and left the running of this particular attraction in expert hands. The speed of the bull could be adjusted for the rider, and everybody who came off had a comfortable landing because of the inflated floor; this was a great hit with everybody.

Traditional Bounce House

This was a must for the day, and was the most used of the activities. Not everybody could take part in the obstacle races or wanted to get wet, but I wanted everyone to be involved,and a bounce house was the best way to achieve that. Even the oldest employee could enjoy a short bounce in a bounce house, and it was also the perfect place for the kids to spend their time safely. The bounce house I chose was a combination with a small obstacle course and slide attached, which meant that it could be used by those who didn’t want to get wet but wanted to try a slide.

Traditional Bounce House

The whole day was a massive success and all the activities were a hit. If you are organizing a fun day for the office or family, inflatables are a perfect choice.

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