Keys to Merchant Account Management

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Many businesses don’t realize how diversification at POS can affect their bottom line. Supplying your customers with multiple ways to pay, legitimizes your business and simplifies the transaction process for your customers. This makes the customer experience more pleasant. However, if your business is considered “high risk,” you will have a hard time finding a payment processor in a traditional source like the bank. Even if the bank does agree to process your payments, they often will charge extravagant fees for services. Before you consider opening your own merchant account, here’s a few essentials about merchant accounts.


In the world of merchant accounts, the financial institution that authorizes the merchant account assumes the majority of the risks. The bank or organization that sets up the account has the potential to lose a great deal of money if something goes wrong with the account. As a result, most payment processors will not create merchant accounts for businesses in the high risk industry.

Keys to Merchant Account Management


Sometimes when payment processors create merchant accounts, they require a reserve to mediate their risks. A reserve is a small amount of money set aside by the payment processor to be used in case the merchant is unable to pay expensive chargebacks, or to compensate the payment processor if the business goes under.


A chargeback occurs when a former customer claims that a particular transaction occurred without their knowledge. Often times, the merchant is unaware that the chargeback has ever occurred, therefore the merchant is charged back for the price of the item and has to pay an additional fee.

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The high risk merchant account managers at specialize in building and maintaining merchant accounts that traditional payment processors often deny or punish with excessive fees. After undergoing an extensive underwriting process that takes 3-5 days, our merchants enjoy a world class payment processor that offers a variety of payment options for their clients, an extensive chargeback suite to fight unnecessary chargebacks, and electronic check processing. Contact EMB to learn more about delivering the best payment processing services to your clients.

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