Maximize the Knowledge Of Employees

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If there is something that can be more important than the human resource available to an organization, that is without doubt that the knowledge and experience that people have can be extended and extended to others within the same company.

However, many companies, beyond seeking to benefit from the talents and experience of employees as is logical, do not expect anything else on their part (such as making more people can benefit from their knowledge and experience in the organization).

Bearing in mind that within each company each employee can transmit valuable knowledge and learning from which their peers can benefit, create ways and mechanisms through which they can share and make them known to others is essential. is a great one for working with employee development.

Even in the event that a person considered to be an indispensable part of a company’s work comes out of it for whatever the reason, carrying out this practice may allow others to keep applying their knowledge in the future, as well as helping them not to fall into the same mistakes you may have made, and in general open space for continuous improvement in the organization.

However, in order to get the whole organization to benefit and learn from the knowledge and experience of its employees, different initiatives aimed at achieving this purpose can be carried out. Next we share three that in this sense can be of great help.

Learn from the best and document their practices

Normally at the level of the different departments there is always someone who does something better and who stands out in front of others.

Whether due to his ability to perform a certain task, or in general for the high performance he has managed to maintain over time in their respective trade, there are people of whom not only can learn much other members who are within the same area, but also the same organizations.

Manage knowledge

Within their respective trades, employees often learn things with some frequency.

We talk about cases that they may never have faced, special situations that usually occur in some cases, and experiences of all kinds, both good and bad, that you have to live to tell them.

Assess and take into account the opinions and suggestions of all staff

Not only the contributions that can be made by those who stand out for their performance should be considered, or waiting for great findings to be generated as a result of the experience that employees can have on a personal or group level, to be taken into account and achieve that the whole organization benefits from them.

If there is something better than the human resource that companies have, it is to ensure that the talent and knowledge that this can bring in the different areas and levels within the organization can be used to the fullest. By taking into account some mechanisms such as those that we have in fact raised in this post, they can achieve it.