Meeting the Factors of Office Design down to the Chairs

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When it comes to opening a new office there are many factors to take into account. The location is the first decision to make but once that is done it’s a matter of design taking into account, the need both for staff interaction and comfort. The modern way tends to be open plan to facilitate that interaction. When it comes to comfort there is no substitute for good chairs for everyone including the visitors who may face a wait in reception.

Fill the shell

Your new office layout may depend upon the space you have obtained and the age of the building. A modern building will probably provide you with flexibility. Likewise, if you have acquired an old property you will have the alternative of opening it up by knocking down non-load-bearing walls to adapt it to suit your needs.

Office meeting chairs

Your aim must be to create an effective working environment, but also one that your staff will respond to. If you get some basics right from the outset you will be laying good foundations. After all, your aim should be to ensure that the staff are happy spending the working week in the offices you are creating.

Impress visitors

If you are expecting regular visitors then you also need to take into account the impression they will get when they see your offices. If your business is offering modern services then the message your office gives a visitor can actually make a contribution to the business.


You will be restricted by the dimensions of your rooms. Some large desks may be simply unsuitable. You need to provide enough working space and generally that includes space for a computer as well. You want stability from a chair. Ideally if you are selecting chairs on wheels you should go for the stability that comes from five supports as opposed to four which may still be prone to tipping. Chairs should provide support and allow staff, and visitors, to sit comfortably in a natural position.

Office meeting-chairs

Modern means of data storage have meant that you are unlikely to need the number of filing cabinets that you had in the past, but there is still the need for shelving and basic storage space.

Warmth and personalization

There are the basics to organise but you must then create a visual impact that appeals to all. That can be a combination of colour, prints and paintings, some warmth and personalization that provides the finishing touches.

You will be fairly busy acquiring and opening a new office but it is worth spending some of your valuable time on the furniture or delegate the task to a member of staff whose tastes you trust without question. There is advice available both from designers and suppliers of course.

Office meeting chairs make a contribution towards keeping the staff focused on the job in hand. They are a detail, but an important one when it comes to discussing and resolving issues. If the staff are comfortable, the issues will be the only thing on their minds.