Spill Control Kits – Knowing Where to Place and How to Use Them

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Every facility that handles different types of liquids and substances needs a backup system in case something goes wrong. A proper spill control plan and kit is important in every industry. Liquids that stay in the floor or working area can be dangerous to other workers. Some of these chemicals and substances can cause environmental issues and fire hazards, so it is important to address them immediately and properly to avoid more problems.

Spill Control Kits

The Importance of Spill Kit Placements

Workers in a company that often come in contact with different substances, chemicals, acids, or oils must have access to and proper knowledge of using spill control kits. Factories, oil depots, marines, laboratories and other facilities that make use of substances must have a spill kit readily available within the working area. The placement of spill control kits is as important as knowing when to actually use them. It is highly recommended to place them in the area where liquids are stored, transported or used by machineries and vehicles. Facilities should have designated areas for the kits and must inform employees about them so that they can quickly locate them for an immediate response to an emergency spill. Making the spill control station easily identifiable and accessible is the key to a quick response time.

Spill Kit Placements

When to Use the Spill Control Kits

Although spill kits are installed for workers to use, it is important that they know when to use them. There are certain factors that you have to consider before opening a spill control kit. First, you have to make sure that the type and size of the spill matches the kit. Larger spills may require different type of kits and substances like oil may need to be eliminated with a kit for oil use only. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the facility first to determine the possible spillages that can happen to identify the right kind of spill control kit to purchase.

The knowledge of the worker who will be using the kit is also important in properly addressing the problem. The worker can use the instruction manual for the step by step procedure on how to use the kit. When you choose a kit make sure that it includes all the items and gears that you may need to solve the spill problem in your working area. These may include protective gears with a complete set of absorbent pads. Make sure that you have a high quality pad and avoid using low quality as you might end up spreading the liquid instead of absorbing it. There are many companies online that offer different types of spill kits and cleaning tools that will help make your industrial working area safe and clean.

Use the Spill Control Kits

Aside from the procedures specially developed for people to learn how to use a spill control kit, in general, there is only one standard measure in using them; proper handling or care. In many cases spill control companies provide precautionary measures on their products to guide individuals who will be using the kit.

Author Bio: James is a successful business owner. He always values safety and high performance of his employees. This is the reason why he provided a spill kit in all of his company departments that handle liquid and hazardous chemicals.