The Best Places to Work From Once You Have a Remote Work Setup

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For many the idea of working remotely and from wherever they like is living the dream. There are whole books on this kind of ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle and ‘lifestyle design’.

The thing is though, that these days it’s easier than ever before to work remotely and to enjoy a more relaxed and flexible work pace. If you’re an employee then you can discuss with your manager the prospect of a remote work arrangement, if you’re an entrepreneur then you can set up passive income, and if you run a business then you can loosen the reigns and use various technologies etc. to run it from afar.

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But the question is, what do you do once you’ve achieved that flexibility? How do you make the most of the fact that you’re ‘living the dream’? How do you ensure you aren’t squandering the fortunate lifestyle that many people would kill to have for themselves?

One option is to look into some of the best places you can work that will bring you the most enjoyment. Read on and we’ll take a look at some of the most enjoyable work experiences you’re likely to have…

Bars Abroad

One of my best memories in recent years was going on a ‘working holiday’ with my friend to Croatia. We both work remotely, and by taking our laptops we were able to work from pretty much anywhere around Croatia while staying in cheap hostels. One great experience was climbing to the top of a waterfall where we found that there was actually WiFi! My favourite experiences there though were sitting together in bars and drinking beers while working and watching strangers pass by. There was a great buzz and vibe there, and it felt incredibly relaxing while also productive. This was also where I first encountered the music of ‘Schiller’ which set the perfect backdrop to our work. My next aim is to visit Tokyo and work in hotel lobbies – it’s a romantic vision of mine!

Bars Abroad


For a brief time I lived within walking distance of the beach, and back then I was able to live a lifestyle that pretty much everyone I knew was jealous of. I’d be relaxing on the beach in a deck chair with a bottle of juice and typing away while I watched the waves lap against the shore. Pretty idyllic! The only downside of this option of course is the sun and the sand which make it hard to see the screen and threaten to damage your laptop. A solution in the future might be to use an e-ink display with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Libraries and Coffee Shops

For some, working on the beach or in bars will be too distracting and too alien. It may be then that you would rather work in a coffee shop or library that will create more of a similar ‘work’ type environment to help with concentration and productivity. I love working in Starbucks and Costa, but one of the best places I ever worked was at the British Library which has a great ‘studious’ vibe.

Libraries and Coffee Shops

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Author Bio: Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Nancy has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.