The Top 3 Ways To Save Money On Concrete Machinery Bases In Canada

Concrete Machinery

Does your firm employ extremely heavy production machinery? If so, there is an excellent chance that this machinery will require a heavily reinforced foundation to support its mass. Commissioning one of these bases can cost more than your firm budgeted for. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the cost.Here are the top three ways to save money on concrete machinery bases in Canada. How many have you considered?

1. Plan Ahead To Avoid Premium Prices

Many concrete fabrication companies will construct reinforced concrete bases but not all firms charge the same amount. Typically, firms will add a premium for work that must be completed within a tight deadline. Therefore, it is essential to forward a plan for the concrete base that your equipment requires in a timely fashion. This will save you money because you will avoid premium prices for tight turnaround times. Your plan should include specific dimensions that meet the requirements to support your machinery. This will allow the project to proceed in a timely manner.

2. Avoid Companies That Outsource

Building a base or foundation pit involves a huge range of manual tasks such as saw cutting the existing concrete floor into easily manageable blocks, removing these blocks and excavating to the required depth. Many concrete fabrication firms commonly outsource these jobs, potentially casuing delays in construction. The longer a company takes to construct the concrete base, the more money your business will lose. This is especially true if you planned to have the base completed by a certain time and the project falls behind schedule. One way to avoid this, and thus save money, is to choose a concrete fabrication company that does not outsource any aspect of the project. Outsourcing typically lead to delays and this costs money. Find companies that handle all work in-house for the best chance of minimizing delays and saving money.

Concrete Machinery

3. Hire Companies With Fast Turnaround Times

The third way to save money on your project is to research which firms have the fastest turnaround times. After the ground for the machinery base has been excavated, the concrete company must compact crushed stone into the pit, position rebar and pour the concrete. This isn’t always the fastest method, according to the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA), is a nonprofit trade association representing manufacturers of plant-produced precast concrete products, and companies that provide equipment, supplies and services to the industry.While extremely heavy machinery requires on-site construction, a cheaper, pre-fabricated base may be used to support lighter machinery. Jennifer Shinehouse, president and CEO of Belle Plaine Block & Tile in Minnesota, points out that ‘the quick turnaround from pour to install is the top attribute’ to look for when hiring a concrete fabrication firm. The speed with which a firm can pour and finish a machinery base will have a direct relationship with the amount that the project costs you.


So, there you go – three ways to save money on the construction of concrete bases for machinery in Canada. What do you think of our tips? Which tips did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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