Top Pre-production Tips for Videos

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Videos are powerful forms of communication that can be utilised to enforce safety education, entertain with animation, provide point-of-contact information, bring a presentation to life with the use of the proper soundtrack, or boost a company’s inbound marketing efforts. In fact, content that is presented in a video is a valuable asset.

Just make sure that the video does, indeed, convey an important or beneficial message as many people switch from one video to the next until they find the video that captures their attention. Therefore, video producers must make sure that their video titles are as interesting as their content and vice versa. Visit this site to see some good examples of well-produced videos in Sydney.

Tips for Videos

Showcase Your Products and Services

Presentations and demos enable organisations to showcase their products and services. However, they have to be quick in this respect as many viewers will lose interest after 30 seconds. Therefore, these kinds of media must be well-produced and convey their message in just about that length of time. Research shows that most video watchers lose their interest even before that time while some of the remainder, or 45%, leave after a minute. About 60% of the remaining respondents stop watching after two minutes.

Showcase Your Products and Services

When your audience is viewing your video, they are looking at its presentation, production quality, content, style and the worthwhile information it provides. Therefore, in order to fare well with a video production, your content must be absolutely intriguing if you want your audience to take a spot in front of your production and watch it from front to end.

Managing the Pre-production Process: Some Tips to Follow and Know

How you handle pre-production will make the difference between video failure and success. By being well-organised, you can ensure that your end-product will look professional. Not being organised in this respect will only result in a sloppy, unprofessional video outcome. Also, because most people prefer to watch a short video versus a long production, make sure if you are using a camera that you take only the shots you know will last. Again, preparation is the key to any good, video production. Pre-production that is organised must be emphasised.

Pre-production Process

Therefore, when you are involved in pre-planning, make sure any video production companies producers showcase your production so it is original and creative. Don’t copy someone else’s idea. Make sure the production comes from your individual thoughts and ideas.

Plan out the production before you shoot it as well. That means going to great lengths of preparation, including writing a script, drawing out the storyboard and creating a shoot list. You also want to be selective about the subject matter. Maintain high standards when casting actors for the production. You should never hear the lines being forced. You want an actor who can deliver a dialogue naturally. Also, consider the set for your production. You don’t want a set that has been “dressed” to simulate another place or locale. Remember, even if your audience are not always going to be fully focussed, they are paying attention to some of the details of your video.