Women in Business – The Rise & Rise of the ‘Mumpreneur’

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Over the past few years there has been a sharp increase in the amount of mothers setting up as self-employed and looking to corner a little niche of the market. This is now so common that the word ‘mumpreneur’ has been coined for them. Women often struggle to make ends meet once they take a career break to have children, and often find that the job that used to give them so many challenges now leaves them cold. Mothers feel that a job would have to be really special to pull them away from their children (especially when they are at pre-school age). More and more women are choosing to find something else that they are good at so that they can work from home and create a far better work/life balance and spend more time with their children at this formative age. If you are a mum and you are dreading going back to work and leaving your kids in a nursery, then could this be an avenue that you could explore? Here are just some of the small businesses that mums are opening:


Craft-Based Businesses

Many mums hone their craft skills when they have young kids and they decide to put these skills to use. There has been a sharp increase in the amount of women setting up small businesses which sell homemade scarves, hair clips, jewelry and all sorts of other one-off crafty items. They tend to market themselves on Facebook because this is a great place to share such information with their friends. Often they find that the income is small but enough to pay a few extra bills every month, and this is no mean feat when you have kids running around under your feet.

craft skills

Cake Making

Other women find that they have a skill for something else for example baking cakes. Mail order cakes are now big business and people love to order cakes that have been custom-made for them or their friends. If you feel that you have a talent for baking then why not set up on your own? Many women have gone on to open their own bakery or commercial kitchen once they have gathered the experience that they need.

cake baking


There has been a sharp increase in the amount of women who turn to writing to gain an income while their children are young. The benefits are huge – you can write while the kids are napping or when they go to bed and you get a chance to flex your creative muscles (which can otherwise lie dormant while you are in the midst of dealing with toddlers). As long as you can write then there are many different options open to you, for example content writing, blogging or even writing your first novel!


With equality has come an added pressure for women everywhere and it is rarely possible to rely solely on your partner’s income while the kids are young. If funds are too tight to consider start-up costs then speak to a small business funding company to find out if you could be eligible for funding for your new business.

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