You Want To Say That Getting A House In Shanghai Is Really Easy? You Can!

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Your bags are packed and you are ready for your flight to Shanghai China where you will be based for a while. Unfortunately, you are still undecided as to where to call home as everything about Shanghai housing system is so confusing to you. Simply put, you have no clue on where you will start so as to get a comfortable place to call a shelter. Well, you are on the right page. Being a stranger in a new environment can turn out to be a life imprisonment but with the right guide on how to get your way, your stay will turn out to be a success and an exciting one.

Here are some tips for finding a house in Shanghai:

  • Research deeply before departure. Go through the online property profiles for that city and then set a target as per your expectations and start emailing agents requesting for property details. Make sure you research a couple of profiles so as to compare which has the best package.

house in Shanghai

  • Identify your terms of stay. Is it a short stay or long stay? This will guide you on which housing is suitable for you. For a short stay you may consider taking a motel or lodge to avoid extra expenses that come with taking a hotel, flat, house or apartment which works best with long term stays. Hotels come with extras such as the equipments and amenities. However, you may end up paying for services while staying in a hotel or motel meaning you will not enjoy as per the period of stay.
  • When seeking a place to stay, location is a vital point to consider. Make sure that the location is near your place of work or the city centre. Shanghai is like any other city with streets that are gridlocked, bridges and the likes. However, tunnels are passable during off peak hours and during peaks hours which are normally in the mid morning and evening you may end up being stuck in heavy traffic.
  • The choice of your housing will be limited to the budget you are willing to work with. If you are considering a low budget type of housing, then you opt for unfurnished flats, apartments and the likes. These tend to be cheaper as compared to the furnished ones which come along with the room service fee. You may also choose one that is smaller in size to fit in with your planned budget. Note that as much as you want to minimize on your spending, avoid renting in cheap neighborhoods as your security and your property won’t be granted. You may just end up spending more cash on hospital bills because of being mugged or theft cases by opting for cheap housing in such areas.